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09/22/2003 Entry: "Should I Consult Christian Leaders before I Berate Them?"

Martin Roth wonders, "Should I Consult Christian Leaders before I Berate Them?"

I donít feel uncomfortable about criticising their public pronouncements, here on my website (which attracts just a minuscule fraction of the numbers of readers who are exposed to these leadersí press releases in the mainstream media). †Nevertheless, Iím starting to think that as a matter of courtesy I should have consulted them. What does anyone else think?
My short answer would be: No. Not if their pronouncements had been made for public consumption. The value of blogging is its immediacy -- also its weakness, but that's another issue -- and that would be lost if private consultation had to occur before comment could be made. Of course, there's no excuse for a lack of charity in our blogging, whether towards leaders or anyone else. But I don't suppose anyone would be accusing our friend Martin of that.

I do try to make a point of telling other bloggers if I'm responding critically to something that they've written because to do anything else is (to me) like talking behind someone's back.


Frank York has some interesting ideas related to public criticism and the application of Matthew 18 here: .

While Frank York is specificly writing about the controversy and moral concerns regarding Gary Ezzo, I believe his points can be applied broadly. Also, Frank provides further links for reading at the end of his article.

Posted by Alexandra @ 09/25/2003 09:30 PM CST

Thank you for the support. Actually, yesterday I sent emails to two Christian leaders whom I've criticised in the past, alerting them to my comments and inviting their response. It's my feeling now that I should have done that immediately I posted the comments, as my criticisms have been strong. Anyway, we'll see what transpires.


Posted by Martin Roth @ 09/22/2003 11:58 PM CST

LoL. Is the noise in my head bothering you? We do agree on this one, don't we?

Posted by Bene Diction @ 09/22/2003 11:20 PM CST

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