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01/20/2003 Entry: ""The demon drink""

Josh Clayborn and Mark Byron have been mulling over the question of alcohol, and whether God minds if we drink it. Not an issue I'd want to go to the stake over, but I can't help feeling that this is another one where people have made up their minds before they consult the scriptures. And I've certainly never seen any evidence to back up the claim I've often heard that the wine mentioned in the Bible was very low alcohol.There are some things that it's a sin to drink. American beer is one of them, in my humble opinion. British ales, stouts, bitters, ciders and other fine beverages are another thing altogether. For pleasure in moderation, responsibly and with consideration for the feelings and sensibilities of others. But wine, it says in the Psalms, was given to make us glad. We surely shouldn't try to legislate against gladness?


I thought the televangelists were great fun - but I imagine the novelty could soon wear off.Hope you've found a welcome in good old Blighty!

Posted by Richard @ 01/22/2003 09:12 AM CST

The 'drinking = sin' crowd was one of the reasons I left the US for the UK! ;-)

That and televangelists. Same camp.

Posted by J F Karr @ 01/22/2003 07:40 AM CST

I thought it was a black/white discussion, for it is much less an issue here in Canada, as it is across the pond. Most Canadian believers I know hold to all things in moderation, and with the research and knowledge on addiction, allow each other the freedom of choice with out getting into long debates about it.

Posted by Bene Diction @ 01/21/2003 03:46 PM CST

I think it's still very much a live issue in the US, much less so here in the UK. When I was in Florida I heard a preacher refer to "beer joints" using a tone of voice which left no doubt about what he thought of what happened there.

Posted by Richard @ 01/21/2003 01:16 PM CST

I'm really surprised to hear that there is still thinking going on on this issue! I've not come across it as a debate since the 80's here in Australia. I know Christians who choose not to drink for personal reasons, but can't think of any who think its wrong for a Christian to drink cut and dry. Very surprised to hear its high on the agenda of some still...

Posted by Darren Rowse @ 01/21/2003 11:10 AM CST

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