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12/17/2002 Entry: "Lament"

Some while ago, Martin Roth wrote a piece asking if there was still a place for lament in Christian worship. He concluded that there was, and I agreed with him. I've been thinking about this on-and-off ever since, and yesterday when I picked up my tinwhistle to have a blow, a lamenty-type tune emerged from it. Given that it was his words that set me off, it seems only fair that I call the tune "Martin Roth's Lament". I've written some words based on Psalm 40: 12-17. I'm not making any great claims for either words or music but I offer them in the hope that they might be helpful to someone.

lament (5k image)

My troubles they are manyToo many to recountMy sin has all caught up with meMy mind is filled with doubtI cry to you for safety,For, though you seem far offI know you're always with meMy saviour and my God!
Update:Here's a computer-generated midi version of the tune.


Laments, benedictions, thank you for offering your gifts. Blog on!

Posted by Bene Diction @ 12/21/2002 06:21 PM CST

Ooh, it's lovely - very "lamenty" but lovely all the same. I just roughed through it now when I came in from work, and it's making me want to get back into practice! alice

Posted by alice @ 12/17/2002 05:51 PM CST

Hmmm ... I need to get out my copy of Cakewalk/Sonar and set this thing, don't I?-)

Thanks for sharing this. Coming out of an Eastern Orthodox background, I like this storta stuff.

Posted by Mean Dean @ 12/17/2002 04:30 PM CST

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